a performance art installation in two acts

SIPPING FREEDOM is a solo work drawing from Mosa McNeilly’s current body of arts-based research—a portfolio entitled Sipping Freedom: Riffing on Black Radical Imagination, Middle Passage Memory, and the Sacred. Moving through African diasporic art forms and aesthetic modes, this transdisciplinary work integrates visual art, installation, performance, and ritual.

Thinking through Toni Morrison’s “rememory,” engaging M. Jacqui Alexander’s “Sacred,” drawing on Saidiya Hartman’s “return,” and reflecting on NourbeSe Philip’s “fragmentation,” McNeilly explores themes of haunting, communion, loss and indecipherability. In this project she shapes a hybrid methodology grounded in praxes of freedom.


Photos by Alvis Choi, Vero Diaz, and Anique J. Jordan, 2014-2015, and Mosa McNeilly, 2013-2015.

Mixed media encaustic assemblage and installation artworks by Mosa McNeilly, 1995-2015.