sipping freedom: R&D phase 2

Launching into Phase 2 of research and development, I embark on mounting a second workshop production of SIPPING FREEDOM. This consists of moving the performance forward, from its initial incarnation as an auto-ethnographic study, toward crafting a more honed work of art. This phase also includes developing a second iteration of Path of Bones, a sister exhibition to the performance, integrating new elements of digital projections, light, and sound to the encaustic mixed media, found object, installation. Stay tuned for details about the performance exhibition in June, 2018.

I am pleased to be working with a dynamic team of collaborators:

Diane Roberts – directorial consultant

Eugene Williams – dramaturg

Honor Ford-Smith – dramaturg

Charmaine Lurch – visual arts consultant

Ilana Divantman – publicity designer

Vero Diaz – documentary photographer

Alvis Choi – documentary videographer

This phase of creation and development is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) Multi- and Inter-Arts grant, and the OAC Recommender Grant for Theatre Creators. I would like to thank b current performing arts for the recommendation.


Photos by Alvis Choi, Vero Diaz, and Anique J. Jordan, 2014-2015, and Mosa McNeilly, 2013-2015.

Mixed media encaustic assemblage and installation artworks by Mosa McNeilly, 1995-2015.