art installation

Path of Bones, 2015. Encaustic mixed media installation, work in progress.

This art installation is comprised of over 200 pieces of slate, eight reclaimed wooden plinths, 500 cowrie shells, digital image projections and sound. It serves as the set within which the performance SIPPING FREEDOM occurs. Treating the surfaces of the stones with the encaustic techniques of painting, photo-transfer, layering, gouging, and sgraffito, this work conveys concepts of fragmentation, indecipherability, violence and erasure. The stones form a double-coded metaphor, simultaneously representing the palimpsestic archive and the optic of a path of bones on the ocean floor. The metaphor of the palimpsest conveys the decolonial work of rewriting colonial history by overwriting it with recovered historical archives and futurist narratives of possibility.


holding hands with Yemaya

Yemayá’s Tides Meet Sapelo’s Shores, 2014, Photo by Vero Diaz of Mosa McNeilly in performance, Crossroads, 2014; image in video, Mínkísí’s Burial Ground, 2015, featuring Sapelo, 1995, Mixed Media Assemblage, 134″ x 61″.



Olokún, 2013. Encaustic mixed media assemblage, 47″ x 72″.


act one - a choi

At the Crossroads, 2015. Mixed media installation for Act One of Sipping Freedom.


Photos by Alvis Choi, Vero Diaz, and Anique J. Jordan, 2014-2015, and Mosa McNeilly, 2013-2015.

Mixed media encaustic assemblage and installation artworks by Mosa McNeilly, 1995-2015.